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Sponsorship Challenge pays off!

Mark Jones, Player Manager of Newcastle Homeless and Recovery Football team, who play in the Newcastle Corinthians league….was so desperate to get some new kit and sponsor for his hard-up football team, he devised a plan to challenge a local businessman in Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne… to a penalty shoot out challenge.

If he scored five penalty spot kicks out of five past the owner of PK Motors, businessman and feline goalkeeper, Paul Keighley formerly nicknamed the cat…PK Motors would agree to pay for the new kit and automatically qualify to be club sponsors.

What could be simpler. However in a twist in events, as fans and locals gathered to see the hyped up event…Mark missed the first penalty…. which shaved the bar and thus losing the shoot out challenge on the first strike of the ball !

A devastated Mark was inconsolable and held his head in his hands..but then couldn’t believe his luck when PK Motors as a gesture of goodwill, said they would pay for the shirts for his beloved team anyway !

Mark said, “I couldn’t believe it. I was so confident I would win the challenge, although I had had a few beers at the time of making the challenge, and had been practising all week. I now know how geordie legend Chris Waddle must have felt when he skied that one for England against Germany…perhaps I’ll end up getting Pizza Hut as my next sponsor.

“However I couldn’t believe it when Paul then agreed to pay for the new kit anyway, so everything was truly worthwhile and everyone at the Homeless Recovery Team can now raise a glass to PK Motors for our new kit.”

Managing Director of PK Motors, Paul Keighley, said “It was all a bit of fun and when he made the challenge I knew he’d given himself a tall order…even though my best goal keeping days are well and truly behind me. Whilst I was determined to save at least one penalty out of the five, I couldn’t believe it when he blasted his first spot kick past the upright.”

“It was all for a good cause to help the Homeless aand Recovery football team and PK Motors is a local business and I felt it was only right that we made the gesture to buy the shirts, which will now proudly carry our company name on them.”

Why PK Motors?

Highly recommended!

Paul from PK Motors was a great help. Many thanks . I would definitely use PK Motors in the future and would recommend you to give them a look, you won’t be disappointed.

When recommending PK Motors to family and friends please pass on our voucher prior to their visit. When they present this voucher you will personally receive a cheque to the value of £50!

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